Restaurant Menu

Service time:

Aperitif – Coffee bar 06:00 h – 22:00 h
Breakfast 06:00 h – 09:00 h
Lunch 12:00 h – 16:00 h
Dinner 19:00 h – 21:00 h

To meet your requirements, we serve meals and drinks in the room at a service charge of 20% of the price. You can cancel lunch or dinner at the hotel reception 3 hours before the service starts. Unused meals are recognized at 50% of the value of the meal and only if cancelled in time. We cannot accept meal cancellations by agency guests.

Restaurant Menu


Breakfast Sunce

  • Omelette of choice
  • Two sausages
  • Spreads – jam, butter, cheese spread, pate
  • Salami + cheese 15,00 KM

Fritters with cream (300 g.)

  • Beef prosciutto
  • Bosnian sudžuk
  • Cream 15,00 KM

Cereal with milk (250 g.)

  • Oat, chocolate, cornflakes + banana, kiwi, raspberry 10,00 KM

Sandwich – Sunce Classic

  • Toast – mayonnaise, cheese, salami, tomato, lettuce 8,00 KM

Cereal + sandwich15,00 KM


Salad a la Sun – 200g5,00 KM

Šopska salad – 200g5,00 KM

Roasted pepper – 200g8,00 KM

Tomato salad – 200g4,00 KM

Cucumber salad – 200g4,00 KM

Cabbage salad – 200g4,00 KM

Lettuce – 200g4,00 KM

Pepperoni – 200g4,00 KM

Mixed salad – 200g4,00 KM

Meals and soups

Soup – 250ml6,00 KM

Bey’s soup – 300ml6,00 KM

Veal soup – 300ml6,00 KM

Tomato soup – 300g7,00 KM

Goulash – 200g10,00 KM

Veal muscles – 200g12,00 KM

Mučkalica – 250g12,00 KM

Roast veal – 300g20,00 KM

Stuffed peppers – 250g10,00 KM

Side dish: mashed potatoes, rice, grilled vegetables, potato, vegetables

Dishes to order

Chicken salad – 200g11,00 KM

Ćevapčići (+ cream 2KM) – 250g15,00 KM

Chicken fillet – 250g15,00 KM

Vegetarian platter – 300g15,00 KM

Fried cheese – tartar souce – 200g18,00 KM

Veal steak – 220g18,00 KM

Wien steak – 220g18,00 KM

Cordon bleu – 220g20,00 KM

Roast veal – 300g20,00 KM

Filet mignon – 220g22,00 KM

Mixed meat – 350g25,00 KM

Rump steak– 220g30,00 KM

Beefsteak– 250g35,00 KM

Side dish: french fries, rice, grilled vegetables, potato, cream

Cold plates

Cold plata ala Sunce – 200g20,00 KM

Fish and seafood

Trout – 300g18,00 KM

Sea bream – 300g20,00 KM

Seafood risotto20,00 KM

Grilled squid – 220g20,00 KM

Side dish: potato, spinach


Penne pasta – 250g12,00 KM

Spaghetti pasta – 250g12,00 KM

Extra: parmesan

Cakes and sweets

Scoop of ice cream – 60g3,00 KM

Apple pie – 70g4,00 KM

Hurmašica – 70g4,00 KM

Baklava – 60g4,00 KM

Cake – 90g4,00 KM

Pancakes – 100g7,00 KM

Pancakes with ice cream – 150g9,00 KM

Meat and cheeses

Beef prosciutto – 1kg70,00 KM

Bosnian sudžuk – 1kg70,00 KM

Livanjski cheese – 1kg70,00 KM

Travnički cheese – 1kg60,00 KM

Edamer / Gauda – 1kg60,00 KM

Cream – 1kg60,00 KM

Hot drinks

Coffee – with milk2,50 KM

Long black – with milk 3,00 KM

Macchiato3,00 KM

Cappuccino3,50 KM

Late macchiato3,50 KM

Bosnian coffee 3,00 KM

Hot chocolate5,00 KM

Tea3,00 KM

Ness caffee3,50 KM

Ness caffee 3 in 1 3,50 KM

Ness cappuccino3,50 KM

Non-carbonated drinks

Ice coffee – 200ml4,00 KM

Water – 330ml2,00 KM

Juice – 250ml3,50 KM

Fresh orange juice – 300ml5,00 KM

Lemonade – 300ml4,00 KM

Ice tea – 250ml3,50 KM

Carbonated drinks

Coca Cola – 250ml3,50 KM

Fanta – 250ml3,50 KM

Schweppes – 250ml3,50 KM

Cocta – 270ml3,50 KM

Orangina – 250ml5,00 KM

Cedevita – 300ml4,00 KM

Red Bull – 250ml5,00 KM

Carbonated water 2,50 KM

Senzation – 250ml2,50 KM

Bavaria 0% – non-alcoholic beer 4,00 KM